Participatory action research and development program towards an enhancement of community ability on cultural resource management in Nan province has been implemented in ‘Sauk’ and ‘Na Sao’ sub-district of Muang Nan district where ancient ceramic kiln sites and prehistoric stone-tool manufacturing sites are located.

The research steering concept and methodology is entitled as Community Archaeology Process which integrates philosophy,principles and development methods of His Majesty King Bhumibol’s Sufficiency Economy Theory, Community-Cultural Development Approach and Community Development Theory.

Main research activities is the participation building of villagers and local people in researching,preserving and developing archaeological sites/ resources,community cultural resources and their community in the pattern of “Living Heritage”.

Participants in the study area realized the values of existing archaeological and cultural resources,have sense of belongings, have confident management ability based on multi-level of self-reliance principle. This research,in the long term, will strengthen communality,provide higher self-esteem to villagers and local people.

Sayan Praicharnjit
Thailand Community Archaeology Project (TCAP)